X-eye SF160 Series

2D & 3D Micro CT System

  • Non-destructive analysis of semiconductor, SMT, and electron/electric components

  • Hybrid Tube – filament(consumable) lifespan 10,000hrs

  • Dual CT – High-quality CT image / high speed scan

Best performance X-ray Inspection System
High-performance Micro-focus Open Tube with 160kV is installed and fine defects of 1㎛ are detectable. 
High-resolution X-ray image can be gained with world best magnification by installing high-price Open Tube as standard.
Dual CT function can be purchased additionally, and exact location & size of defects can be detected and analyzed with this function.


X-ray Tube 160 kV / 200 µA (option 160 kV / 500 µA)
Min. Resolution 0.9 µm (tungsten) / 0.8 µm (CeB6)
Table Size 460 X 510 mm (option 550 X 650 mm)
AXIS X, Y, Z, Tilt (70º), R, Y-aft, Cone beam R
Detector 5 inch Pixel FPD
CT Scan Method Oblique CT / Cone beam CT
Foot print 1,340mm x 1,460mm x 1,670mm
Weight 2,000kg

BGA Cold Solder

Stacked Die