X-eye 6100

In-Line 2D AXI


  • High speed 2D In-Line Inspection System (0.5 sec/FOV)

  • BGA, Chip, QFN, QFP, Battery

  • Short, Bridging, Manhattan, Miss align, etc


     In-Line 2D X-ray Inspection Machine
    Automatically In-Line inspect Solder Joint defects of PCBA, and other defects on Hidden Components.
    Able to be customized regarding Application by users setting ROIs.
    Especially, area type image scanning can gain high resolution results fast.



X-ray Tube 130 kV / 200 ㎂
Min. Resolution 5㎛
Table Size 400 X 400 mm
AXIS n/a
Detector 5 inch FPXD
CT Scan Method Unable CT
Objects BGA, Chip, QFN, QFP, Battery
Foot print 1,020 x 1,350 x 1,720 mm
Weight 1,500kg

SMT Chip BGA (Short, Miss align, Missing)

Battery Inspection