X-eye 7000R

Large Sized Metal Products(Mass)

  • Inspection of Automotive components, Magnesium, die-casting

  • Designed for total inspection using convenient Loading / Un Loading system

  • Automatic inspection of Porosity / Crack



X-ray Tube 160 kV / 11.25 mA
Min. Resolution 0.4 mm
Table Size Max : 400 mm (Ø) X 800L mm
AXIS X, Y-t, Y-d, Z-t, Z-d, R, Tilt-t, Tilt-d
Detector 4.6 M Pixel FPD
CT Scan Method Cone beam CT
Dimension 2,550(W) x 3,150(D) x 2,450(H) mm / 6,000kg

Air Intake Manifold

Water Pump Porosity