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TitleSEC to launch new Tabletop SEM (SNE-ALPHA) in worldwide2022-09-13 13:05
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SEC Co., Ltd is a Korea No.1 inspection system company that develops,manufactures, and sells X-ray inspection equipment & scanning electron microscope (SEM).

We are contributing to quality assurance and performance improvement of

the finished product manufacturers that seek the best in IT field such as Samsung,

LG, Amkor, NXP, Murata, Osram.

Also we are establishing cooperation relationships with the other variety of industrial fields such as SMT, PCB, PKG, LED, wafer, semiconductor, electronic components,

secondary battery, automobile, etc.


The motst adcanced and fully featured Tabletop SEM is now available, incorporating a fully motorized 5-axis stage with a navigation camera for easy sample positioning.

The Alpha is the only Tabletop SEM with a variable aperture providing similar resolution to full-size floor model systems with "live" magnifications up to x150,000.

The EDS take-off angle has been improved from the prior model to an efficient 20-degree angle, further increasing the system's abiligy for elemental analysis



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