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TitleAutomated X-Ray Inspection (AXI) - Video2020-11-09 08:13
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SEC Co.,Ltd // Nanotch Digital GmbH(SEC Europe Head Office) Our company SEC is recruiting competent partners to lead and pioneer European market. We are contributing to quality assurance and performance improvement of the finished product manufacturers that seek the best in IT field such as Samsung, LG, Amkor, NXP, Murata, Osram. Also we are establishing cooperation relationships with the other variety of industrial fields such as SMT, PCB, PKG, LED, wafer, semiconductor, electronic components, secondary Battery, automobile, etc. Customers are demanding “more convenient, simpler and infinite reliability”, the level of their needs on product and quality issues are beyond imagination. It has become a trend that even optical inspection is not enough to meet their needs. This market demand is consistent with the slogan of SEC “e-beam pioneer leading the Nano era”. As we aim to win “Global No.1 X-ray inspection machine”, by pioneering European market with excellent local partner who is acknowledged the market trend. Please refer to our website. Korea Head Office Website: SEC Europe Head Office Website: You might have experience distributing X-ray systems, SEC can guarantee you would get higher global competiveness with much advantages of own X-ray source technology. Key Strengths of NDT X-ray System by SEC • 2D/3D In-line Automatic X-ray Inspection (AXI) solution • High speed with hybrid tube • Fine Resolution by pulse beam • The first applied medical algorithm on registration of industrial field • User-friendly optimized U.I. Your company is offering various industrial solutions, so I believe that you would be interested in expanding your business with our industrial X-ray Inspection system. As manufacturers tend to more concerned about quality issue for trustworthy, X-ray inspection machine would be essential option to construct smart factory in the future. please contact me at anytime Thank you.

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