X-eye 6000 POP

3D AXI for POP application



  • 3D In-Line inspection system for POP packages

  • Good-NG analysis of interconnection using 3D CT

  • Detection speed : Max. 5 sec/unit

3D CT X-ray Inspection System for POP(Package on Package)
3D automatic X-ray inspection system for POP(Package on Package), having the latest semiconductor layering technology. 
From loading to judgement of NG/Good & sorting out of POP products would be made automatically.
And results would be saved into basic data based to help SPC. It has the fastest inspection speed of 2.5sec/FOV.



X-ray Tube 130 kV / 200 µA
Min. Resolution 6~15 µm
Detector 8 M Pixel FPD
Chip Size Min : 8 x 6 (mm) , Max : 20 x 20 (mm)
Defects Non-wet, Open, Short, Big / Small ball
Dimension 2,300(W) x 2,400(D) x 2,120(H)mm / 4,800kg

Cu pillar Bump non wet

POP Bump Short