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SEC Tabletop SNE Series are most advanced and full featured Tabletop SEM available incorporating a fully motorized 5-axis stage with navigation camera for easy sample positioning.

The SEC Tabbletop SEM SNE series is the only tabletop SEM with a variable aperture providing similar resolution to full-size floor model systems with “live” magnifications up to 150,000X.  

The EDS take-off angle has been improved from the prior model 10 degrees to an efficient 20 degree angle further increasing the systems ability for elemental analysis.

Additional features such as variable spot size control allow for the most flexible imaging as well as optimal x-ray generation for EDS analysis.  

SEC Tabletop SEM  comes standard with a true Secondary Electron (SE) detector and Backscatter (BSE)-Option and as well as both standard high vacuum and a low (charge reduction) vacuum mode-option.  

The 1 kV beam energy can be used to produce brilliant images of non-conductive biological samples even at high vacuum with NO sputter coating required.

The SNE-4500M Plus goes beyond the performance of traditional tabletop SEM’s and is capable of similar functionality of lower end full-size SEM systems.  

Having more features than any other Tabletop SEM offers– the SNE series is simply the most advanced compact tabletop SEM in its price range.

Advanced options available: EDS Elemental Analysis – Cooling Stage – Anti-Vibration table

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