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TitleSelling our SNE4500M Plus B Demo tool2021-08-04 06:45
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AttachmentSEC SEM 4500M A0 Poster -Europe.pdf (1.81MB)

We are selling our SNE4500M Plus B demo tool. Specifications and contact information can be found below:

    Tel: +49-351-8889-0271


List of equipment for the package:
  - SEM mainbody and SEM Controller unit
  - Bruker EDS detector, controller and software
  - PC & monitors (1 for SEM and 1 for EDS), keyboard, mouse, Windows 10, Mircosoft Office, SEM Software
  - PC power Extension
  - Compressor
  - Rotary Pump
  - Airline and vacuum line
  - Ion Coater sputter (MCM-100P) + used gold target
  - Sample preparation kit (stub, vacuum grease, pump oil)




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