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Title3D Automatic X-Ray Inspection System2020-09-22 08:31
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3D Automatic X-ray Inspection System


What is 3D AXI ?

  It uses X-rays as its source to automatically inspect features, which are typically hidden from optical view. 3D AXI is automatically inspects the defects of products in customer's line with high-speed 3D CT tomography. Able to inspect every defect of double-sided PCBA & BGA mounted components precisely by solving overlapped X-ray image issue. Inspection speed of 4.5 sec/FOV from loading to automatic Good/NG judgement.




•World Fastest Speed 3D In-Line Inspection
•Hybrid Open Tube

    - realize Best resolution of 0.8um Focal spot

    - realize Pulse beam and it remove CT after image

    - reduce radiation damage

    - realize long life span for in-line purpose

•X-ray Damage reduction by Fixed Collimator &   X-ray Pulse & Filter
•Multi GPU Acceleration
•Best Solution for both-side layered PCB, BGA, QFN, Wire, Camera Module. HIP (Head in Pillow)
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