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TitleNanotech Digital GmbH is elected as a Kick off team company for the "Pact of Skills" EU Project in the Microelectronics field2020-12-08 09:39
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üPACT of Skills :

The European Commission is launching a Pact for Skills, a shared engagement model for skills development in Europe.

Companies, workers, national, regional and local authorities, social partners, cross-industry and sectoral organisations, education and training providers, chambers of commerce and employment services all have a key role to play.

To support a fair and resilient recovery and deliver on the ambitions of the green and digital transitions and of the EU Industrial and SME Strategies, the Commission invites public and private organisations to join forces and take concrete action to upskill and reskill people in Europe.

The Pact is the first of the flagship actions under the European Skills Agenda and is firmly anchored in the European Pillar of Social Rights.

The Pact was officially launched on 10 November 2020.

üOrganizer : EU Comission
üBudget : 2 Billion
üTerms : 2021 - 2025



Commitments under the Pact for Skills

Partnerships in European industrial ecosystems




Nanotech Digital GmbH wird Mitglied des von der EU-Kommission unterstützten und von Semicon Europa organisierten Pact of Skills-Projektes Kick off Team.


Nanotech Digital GmbH becomes a member of the Pact of Skills project Kick off Team, which is funded by the EU Commission and organized by Semicon Europe.

Polish :

Nanotech Digital GmbH zostaje członkiem zespołu Kick off projektu Pact of Skills, który jest finansowany przez Komisję Europejską i organizowany przez Semicon Europe.


Nanotech Digital GmbH 이  EU Comission 에서 지원하고 Semicon Europe 에서 주관하는 Pact of Skills project  Kick off Team 멤버로 선정 되었습니다.   


Nanotech Digital GmbH devient membre de l'équipe de lancement du projet Pact of Skills, qui est financé par la Commission européenne et organisé par Semicon Europe.


Nanotech Digital GmbH diventa membro del progetto Kick off Team del Pact of Skills, finanziato dalla Commissione Europea e organizzato da Semicon Europe.


Nanotech Digital GmbH se convierte en miembro del equipo de lanzamiento del proyecto Pact of Skills, que está financiado por la Comisión de la UE y organizado por Semicon Europe.

Nanotech Digital GmbH 加入了由 EU Comission 歐盟委員會資助,由 Semicon Europe 組織的技能契約項目啟動小組的成員。


Nanotech Digital GmbH(は、EU Commission 委員会が資金を提供し、SemiconEurope が組織する Pact of Skillsプロジェクトのキックオフチームのメンバーになります。


Nanotech Digital GmbH ( blir medlem i Pact of Skills-projektet Kick off Team, som finansieras av EU-kommissionen och organiseras av Semicon Europe.
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