X-eye 5000N Series

Entry-level X-ray Inspection System


  • Non-destructive analysis of semiconductor, SMT, and electron/electric components

  • Inspection S/W is able to be installed for mass production of SMT and electron/electric components

  • Various convenient functions – Easy of use


Practical X-ray Inspection System
100kV ~ 130kV Micro-focus Closed tube and high-definition Flat Panel Detector are installed and high-resolution image can be gained.
Customer convenience is primarily considered in operation and maintenance of the product.
Customization is available because it is specially designed to be added up any necessary functions depending on customer needs with reasonable prices.



X-ray Tube 100 kV / 200 µA (option 130 kV / 200 µA)
Min. Resolution 5 µm
Table Size 460 X 340 mm (option 650 X 550 mm)
AXIS X, Y, Z, Tilt (±50º)
Detector 2.5 inch FPXD or 5 inch FPXD, 1.3M Pixel 30fps
CT Scan Method Unable CT
Foot print 1,500(W) x 1,145(D) x 1,490(H)mm
Weight 920kg


Camera Module