Linear Accelerator Technology

 LINASEC® Linear Accelerator System is designed for special Non Destructive Testing (NDT) applications and for usage in scanning devices for cargo and vehicles inspection at ports and borders.

 LINASEC® System is All-in-One type, which includes all necessary components like Linear accelerator, RF generator, high frequency modulator, HVPS, shielding, power supplies, interfaces.

 SEC’s accelerator product line consists of a broad range of S-band accelerators providing a variety of doses, energies, and focal spot sizes. For security application that requires material discimination, SEC offers dual energy interlaced accelerator at 6MeV and 9MeV.


• NDT(non-destructive testing)
  – Quality Management
  – Material Inspection
  – Reverse Engineering
  – Measuring of complex assemblies

• Cargo & Vehicles Scanning
  – Trucks
  – Ships
  – Rails

• Various Research & Development fields