Graphene Technology from Nanotech Digital GmbH

Graphene: Future Technology Game Changer

We at Nanotech Digital GmbH focus on Graphene Applications based on CVD Graphene Technology. Ever since the 2010 Nobel prize in Physics went to Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov for isolating Graphene first, Graphene has been in the spotlight for numerous industries.

Through our Graphene Technology, Nanotech Digital GmbH can find various industrial solutions for Transparent electrodes, Solar cells, Flexible heaters, Flexible Electrodes and many more.

What is Graphene?

Graphene is a multifunctional material that consist of a single one-atom-thick layer of carbon atoms arranged in a hexagonal lattice. Graphene is a remarkable substance whose properties have uses in various industries. Because of its properties it is called a “Future Material” or sometimes even “Wonder Material”.

Graphene Properties
  • High electrical conductivity: ~ 200 000 cm²/Vs
  • High Thermal conductivity: ~ 1500-2500 W/mK
  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • High hardness and toughness (200 times harder than steel)
  • Thinnest material
  • Outstanding optical transparency: 97.7% for monolayer Graphene
  • Low Joule effect
  • Antibacterial effect, Bacteria are not able to grow on it

Through its great strength, thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity, anti-corrosion properties and many other characteristics, Graphene stands at the top of many existing materials in display, semiconductor, battery, solar cell, automotive and light industries.

Graphene Applications

Graphene can be used in various diverse industries:

  • Electronics
    • Faster transistors
    • Touchscreen film
    • Supercapacitors
    • Transparent electrode
  • Sensors
    • Antenna and RFID
    • Single molecule detection
  • Energy
    • Solar cells
    • Batteries
    • Storing power
  • Biomedical
    • DNA sequencing
    • Tissue engineering
    • Biological agent
  • Membranes
    • Water filters
    • Gas separation
    • Desalination
  • Composites and Coatings
    • Anti-corrosion coating
    • Heat insulator
    • Heat radiation control coating
    • Bullet proof & military material


                Flexible Transparent Heater                                              Flexible film Electrode

Production of Graphene

Graphene as a material is indeed very exciting but producing high quality materials is still very challenging. Many companies around the world are in the production of different types and grades of graphene – ranging from high quality single-layer graphene synthesized using a CVD-based process to graphene flakes produced from graphite in large volumes.

High-end and high-quality graphene is mostly used for R&D activities or in extreme applications such as sensors. Graphene flakes on the other hand can be produced in a higher volume and at a lower price, thus allowing them to be used in many applications such as sports equipment, consumer electronics, automotive and many more.


CVD Graphene on Copper Foil                                                                                              –>                         Transparent Electrode Graphene Film

Graphene Products

As of now there are few actual products using graphene. Several Companies offer graphene or graphene-based products but there are many challenges and trials to overcome until actual uses for graphene can be fleshed out.
Some examples for graphene-based products:

  • HEAD Tennis Rackets
  • Huawei Mate 20 X smartphone
  • Mustang Noisy Foam cover

 Graphene Anti-corrosion panel


Transparent Electrode Film with Graphene