3D CT & Rendering Technology

SEC Eng has developed X-ray technology from X-ray tube to scanning technology. Especially high resolution industrial Area such as Semiconductor , MEMS, RFID, Batteries is main target for our X ray inspections.

In Industrial Area we provide high resolution and mass production x-ray inspection technology for full quality controls.

SEC Eng’s CT is the fusion technology and X-ray equipment with Computed Tomography (CT). X-ray has been used for industrial applications long time.

  • With X-ray CT,  X-ray images of sample are taken at different angles around the product.
  • It can be used  high resolution accuracy and small feature detection to inspect precision Smart Phone structure, PCB, Flexible electrode film, batteries, plastic parts,  casting products, complex parts and assemblies.
  • Our software constructs a 3D model of the sample using 2D images by X-ray CT technology. It is made into 3D image through software image rendering operation.
  • Dimensional characteristics  data can be measured and be converted to CAD data.
  • It can be used  for reverse technology.

Electronics & Battery Photo Sample